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My grandfather used to tell me, "If you want to become anybody, you can become anybody. If you want to be rich, you can become rich." That the great thing about my grandfather. He never limited me. He never said I did not have money. He never said I’m not going to amount too much. He never said that he didn’t have what it takes. He had that can-do attitude. When you ask him where something is and he didn’t know, he will never, ever tell you he doesn’t know.

What he will tell you is that he will find out. Do you see the big difference between those two statements?

When it comes to spending money, he has the same strategy. I’ve never heard him say, “I don’t have the money” or “I can’t afford that.” He always says, “How can I afford that? Let me get the money together.” One set of statements give you power, drive and purpose. The other set of statements drive you to the ground, depress you and make you feel small and powerless.

I’m sharing all this with you because if you want to achieve success in any area in your life, even success at an adult hookup site, you have to remember this: you create your own reality based on what you say to yourself. We’re always saying things to ourselves. We’re always thinking and we often verbalize in a quiet way the things what we think about. Be very careful regarding the I am statements that you say.

If you say I’;m a loser  a lot, guess what? You will be a loser. If you say I am broke, guess what? You will be broke. That’s how you shape your reality. So, when you are trying to hookup online with dating sites, always repeat yourself that I am gong to hookup @ https://www.sexhookup.org .I am worthy. I am going to get chicks.; If you’re able to do this, you will be able to believe and once you get to that stage, you will be able to achieve.

As the old saying goes, for you to achieve, you first must believe. I owe all my success to my grandfather because he never let the world limit him. He was born dirt poor and he died a rich man. That, my friend, is a hero.

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